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Actual results we have received in office


Zoom will remove residue of Tea, Coffee, Red Wine, Smoke Staining and any other coloured things we eat or drink. Zoom is the first step for any dental makeover and is the most cost effective of any cosmetic dental procedures. Zoom is the whitening procedure featured on the hit show “Extreme Makeover”.
Our Zoom package includes a 2 hour in office appointment with a Dentist along with a custom made take home maintenance kit to keep your smile looking it’s best.


Please note:

There is, as yet, no standard shade chart for teeth colouring in NZ, so the quoted number of shades improvement can be quite deceiving. For example a company can quote 10 shades of improvement using a shade chart with 20 graduations, whereas another company using a shade chart with 10 graduations would only quote 5 shades of improvement yet the result is exactly the same. We generally try to avoid quoting shade improvement for this reason. Our results are dramatic enough to be very obvious to the satisfied client. However for those who need a guide, we offer an average of between 4-6 shades of improvement using the VITA classical 16 shade spectrum chart.

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